Thank you for taking the time to view our site. My name is Latarish Darden.  I am a mother of five. Three boys and two girls.  I started this business after the passing of my best friend, Carmeisha Nance.  Carmeisha was also mother of one boy.  From our younger years and our older years we've worn braids, tracks, flat twist etc. You name it we had it.  As we got older we found it every hard and expensive to find good quality hair. Life for us continued to change. As working moms, we had very little time to take care of us.  We started purchasing Synthetic hair.  Why? Because it was more affordable but it was only a short term look. 

Our business is located in the US. We started Meisha Beauty to provide good quailty hair at a more affordable price.  We pride ourselves on providing the best customer experience with each and every purchase. We know how hard it to find good quality hair. We provide amazing quality hair that would last as long as you take good care of each unit.  

Again we thank you for taking the time to visit us.


Latarish Darden





  • Tesha Jones on

    As a younger family member I watched my cousin do hair. I remember spending the summer with her and over the course of one summer my cousin, owner of Meisha Beauty, would wear and create various styles. As we continued to age her passion for hair continued. She always was a trend setter. I much like her, have a big family of 4 girls which is a blessing…and much like Latarish I loveeee changing my hair styles. I have a teenage daughter who also loves changing styles. As my family grow so does the expense of hair. Hair should be affordable and of good quality! I appreciate Latarish for sitting at the table and being a voice for us. This is what is needed. Im proud to support!

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